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 Pamela Sandy, CFP®, CEO and Founder 


CONFIANCE - Pamela Sandy, CEO

CEO and Founder of CONFIANCE, Pamela Sandy has over 25 years providing financial services and advice to clients. She is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and an Accredited Domestic Partnership AdvisorSM specializing in planning for traditional as well as non-traditional relationships.
 Pamela believes passionately that the financial planning profession is essential in the lives of not only the affluent, but those everyday individuals and families faced with important financial decisions affecting their lives. 

"My life experience allows me to bring a unique perspective to the planning process - I call it YourLife™ PLANNING."  


Pamela is the oldest of four raised in a hard-working blue-collar, Middle-Class American family. She knows that life offers opportunities as well as challenges. Some of her earliest childhood memories center on her young parents and the financial issues they faced. It is this life experience that keeps her grounded in her advice to individuals and families as they face financial decisions today.

While Pamela's success and education brings competence to the client relationship, it is her life experience that is at the core of client discussions and financial decision-making. She has lived what many of you have lived.

"My life has been messy - but I wouldn't change a thing!. I understand that life doesn't always go as planned - sometimes no matter how hard you work at it".

The birth of YourLife™ PLANNING was centered on the goal to give clients the ability to discuss their lives in realistic terms. For some it will be about life events that have caused directional rethinking - for others it will be about a place to discuss a desire to live life in a non-traditional way.

If you want a financial partner that will work with you to manage your life the way it is - or help you create the life you want to live - come to CONFIANCE



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Over 25 Years
Business Owner and Financial Professional
Financial Planning Association, FPA
 National Board of Directors
Currently Serving 

Chair - 2017
President - 2016
President-Elect 2015
Board of Directors 2012-2014
DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Pursuing BA, Individualized Focus Area
Political Finance

College for Financial Planning, Denver Colorado

Accredited Domestic Partnership AdvisorSM , 2013
CFP®, Certified Financial Planner™,Professional Certification,1997
Professional Memberships

FPA of Northeast Ohio

FPA of Massachusetts







My Life Realities

Business Owner


Married - Divorced....twice

Single Mom

Co-habitant - Domestic Partner

Grandmother - AKA "Nana"







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