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At CONFIANCE we believe in what we call Life-Driven Wealth Management. Our wealth management services are "planning inclusive". YourLife™Planning is an integral part of our philosophy and is an essential aspect to your asset allocation model. At CONFIANCE, before we offer advice, we consider your overall relationship with money, your emotional state, the situation at hand, and your desired outcomes. But more importantly, we work to determine your Personal Net Worth, which serves as the basis for other investment decisions.

Your Personal Net Worth is your ability to produce an income, whether through work or accumulated assets. At CONFIANCE we believe that your Personal Net Worth supports and creates your Financial Net Worth. No financial goal can be achieved without an income or assets to support YourLife™.

We know that if your Personal Net Worth is volatile - your income is varied, low, or unstable - your investment portfolio should reflect that. A more consistent or higher income results in a higher Personal Net Worth and allows for different types of investments. Personal Net Worth is enhanced by stability. An entertainer may have a very high income with little stability of ongoing employment - a plumber or electrician may have a lower income, but have great income stability from year to year.

With understanding of the stability of your Personal Net Worth, we structure the portfolio that reflects YourLife™. We use ETFs, institutional mutual funds, stocks, and bonds always keeping reduced costs in mind. If you are looking for exotic investments or the newest investment "tip" - we're not for you. We intend to be with you for the long-term. We want you to have a life - live your life - not beat the market. Your investments help create the life you want to live!


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